Letter to San Juan County Commission

333 South Main #2 Blanding, UT 84511 (435) 459-1014

January 24, 2017

Blanding City 50 West 100 South Blanding, Utah 84511

Dear Mayor Balch and Blanding City Council,

The Stewards of San Juan is a recognized volunteer community organization vested with the responsibility of reviewing and taking actions on matters of local concern that are in the best interest of the health, safety, and welfare of San Juan County residents. This organization is tasked by the community to use a balanced and inclusive approach to advocate for the values, resources, opportunities, culture, and lifestyle of San Juan County.

Today we would like to express to the Blanding City Council and Mayor our firm opposition to the designation of the Bears Ears National Monument. We have submitted requests to President Trump to overturn this designation, and tomorrow, we will be formally inviting Secretary of the Interior Nominee Congressman Ryan Zinke to visit San Juan County. As we are continuing to fight this designation, we ask that you as a Council halt any press release or statement that may indicate anything other than a strong unity in repealing this monument. The majority of Blanding citizens are still in opposition, and although not every one of those citizens has been able to be actively involved in this movement, many other citizens, including the Stewards of San Juan, have worked tirelessly and non-stop on their behalf.

We hope that the Blanding City Council stands firm with the opposing Resolution 7-26-2016-1 and will support the majority of its citizens who are unequivocally for the reversal of the monument. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.


Jami Bayles, President

Stewards of San Juan County



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