Conservative think tank concludes Trump can rescind Bears Ears Monument

Bears Ears, Trump this Monument, Save Bears Ears, No Monument

The American Enterprise Institute, with authors of the University of California-Berkeley law professors John Yoo and Todd Gaziano, published a 25-page report Wednesday afternoon, contends "President Donald Trump has the constitutional authority to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument and other monuments designated by previous presidents."

Road to Understanding: Bears Ears still a topic of controversy in San Juan County

“It’s a huge concern for me — because of the limited staff that I have — how much money it’s going to take to have a rescue out there, and are we going to get to people fast enough to make a difference?” Larson said. “Are we going to have to just call helicopters to go out there and save them — which is going to be $60,000 to the public, which is a lot of money — when it could be just a minor problem but we can’t access them for four or five hours (otherwise)?”

New ad campaign takes aim at rescinding Bears Ears National Monument

A working man’s home should never come at the expense of a rich man’s playground. ... The simple fact is, this is not their home. The people of San Juan County live here. They have to live with the land consequences that are made." — Matt Anderson, policy analyst at Sutherland Institute

Stewards of San Juan, in Partnership with Sutherland Institute

SOS in Partnership with Sutherland Institute create a commercial that starts airing on KSL Channel 5 and Cozi TV on Channel 5.2.  This commercial can be seen on the new website: THE BEARS EARS STORY Last year, President Barack Obama gave in to pressure from corporate interests, extreme environmental groups and out-of-state tribal leaders by … Continue reading Stewards of San Juan, in Partnership with Sutherland Institute

Op-Ed – I’ve lived and worked on the BEARS EARS…

It is clearly evident that this President No.44 exceeded his authority and was negligent in his actions and should face the consequence of exceeding his constitutional authority and the overt aggression toward the citizens of San Juan County.

The Worldwide Web of Environmental Multilevel Marketing

...when SUWA, Outdoors, Friends of Cedar Mesa, Patagonia, or the Utah supporters of progressive State Senator Jim Dabakis, et al, protest Capitalism and corporate influence and its impacts on public land decisions, they have no further to look than their own sugar daddy “venture capitalists.”