Op-Ed – I’ve lived and worked on the BEARS EARS…

Op-Ed Published in the San Juan Record 03/15/2017 http://sjrnews.com

I couldn’t help but notice Milton Pipkin’s reference to the disparity between out of State people who prominently show their support for the “BEARS EARS” monument with the display of bumper stickers. I must agree, most of the support is outside of Utah, and definitely from outside of San Juan County!

However, let’s take it a step or two beyond Bumper Stickers. During the history of America and it’s 45 Presidents, only 16 have actually exercised their prerogative to use Executive action to set-aside land for protection under the 1906 Antiquities act. But the 44th President in his disdain of the wishes of the citizens of Utah and San Juan County used his prerogative to set-aside more land than all the others combined. An example of this is “BEARS EARS” Monument, which tops the scales and all others at 1,351,889 acres. The size of this is astronomical and unbelievable!! Again for illustration! {one million, three hundred fifty-one thousand and 889 acres of San Juan County} This monument runs from the Arizona State line all the way to Moab, Utah, a distance of 187 miles, north to south!! And this is in a County that already has (5) Five National Parks, (7) Seven National Monuments, (2) Two National Recreation Areas, (1) One National Historical Site, (2) two National Forests, (43) Forty Three State Parks and Conversation Land exceeding (12, 467,860 Acres) with (35) thirty Five percent of all the under a “PROTECTION STATUS” More than 91% of San Juan County is owned by the Federal Govt. A little more than 4% is State School Trust land  and that leaves a “WHOPPING 5%” that is private. What more do these blood suckers want!! Holy Massadona!!!

I lived and worked on the “BEARS EARS” and literally looked at, explored, walked on every antiquity there and any amount of the Antiquity act needing protection would not be in excess of (2) Two Townships. This would amount to (46,080) Forty six thousand and eighty acres!! No more – No Less.


It is clearly evident that this President No.44 exceeded his authority and was negligent in his actions and should face the consequence of exceeding his constitutional authority and the overt aggression toward the citizens of San Juan County. It is time for everyone to take a stand. We must stop this abusive harm that stifles personal rights and it’s time this County realizes just how harmful this action was and how it can affect the Generational future of the County.

I was recently on a trip east and became involved in a discussion with a liberal about “BEARS EARS”. I asked him if he knew its vast size? He did not! However he surmised it was probably about the size of (5) five football fields or maybe (6) six City blocks!! My Oh My!!!

– Bob Dalton, Vernal, Utah

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