SOS Invites You to Participate in a Non-Rally-Rally of our Own

As many of you know, there has been a lot of stirring in our corner of the world this weekend in anticipation of an announcement or recommendation from the White House regarding the Bears Ears National Monument and Secretary Zinke’s visit. As a message of solidarity and continued awareness, SOS invites you to participate in a non-rally-Rally of our own, while you're spending time with your families and other commitments.

Biased survey found predetermined outcome

There are many different types of data, statistical, factual (i.e. mathematical), etc. Statistical data can be biased, illusory, and restrictive, in such a way that it is influenced, and does not fairly represent the population. This data may not mean what it’s asserted to mean, even if the results are theoretically accurate, and thus, the ability to be a ‘statistical white lie’.