SOS Supports President Trump in reducing Bears Ears National Monument

The Stewards of San Juan County enthusiastically support President Trump’s bold leadership on the issue of the Bears Ears National Monument designation, and appreciate his willingness to listen to the people of San Juan County. It is an amazing first step in the right direction for ending the continuous abuse of the Antiquities Act, and we applaud the President’s efforts.

Now, it is up to Congress to assure that the new boundaries of the Bears Ears National Monument are made permanent. This can be done by exempting the state of Utah from the Antiquities Act, just as the states of Wyoming and Alaska are exempt. We are confident that Congressman Rob Bishop can get such an exemption passed in the United States House of Representatives.

Senator Orrin Hatch has the most seniority of any other Republican in the Senate, and it could be fifty years before Utah has another Senator with as much power and influence as Senator Hatch. We hope that he will use his seniority to make this right for Utah, and the timing could not be better.  Just last week, a member of his staff, John Tanner, joined the Department of Interior as the Director of Legislative Affairs. With a Utahn in that position, we believe he can motivate the Trump Administration to support making the new monument boundaries they created permanent through an Antiquities Act exemption.

Utah is very lucky to have such a powerful and dedicated congressional delegation. We know that Senator Mike Lee can rally the national conservative movement behind this cause. Congressman Chris Stewart can add his input on ensuring the changes to Grand Staircase are made permanent in his district. Congresswoman Mia Love has consistently supported reforming the Antiquities Act.  This is a great opportunity for Congressman John Curtis to prove to rural Utahns that we elected and sent the right man back to Washington DC by supporting this cause.  This is a historic opportunity for Utah, and we believe we have the right people in Washington to see it through.

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