29. Town Hall Meeting in Fillmore: Join KSL on the Road to Understanding – Watch the public lands discussion which starts at around 41:00.

28. If Trump undoes Bears Ears, how would that alter the future?

27. My view: Beautiful Utah is – and will stay – a public lands State

26. Twelve hours on the road, 600 miles, and day-old gas-station food – that’s what a group of San Juan County residents willingly went through so they could have their voices heard at Monday’s Bears Ears celebration hosted by groups who supported the monument designation.

Stewards of San Juan County
Stewards of San Juan County


Throughout the campaign to designate the Bears Ears National Monument, the most important voices – those of locals who are directly impacted by the designation – were repeatedly ignored and drowned out. Local tribes and the people of San Juan County were simply outmatched by the deep pockets, deceptive tactics and loud voices of extreme environmental groups, out-of-state tribal leaders, and the pen of President Barack Obama.

25.  Chaffetz says Bears Ears was first topic in meeting with Trump…

24. The recently designated Bears Ears National Monument was created using the Antiquities Act through executive action. Every locally-elected official in the San Juan area has opposed this monument, as has every one of our state and federal officials who represent the area. The Utah House of Representatives, with the passage of HCR 11, recently expressed strong opposition to the Bears Ears National Monument and urged the President of the United States to rescind it.

Is there a constitutional and legal basis for states to gain control over the public lands within their borders?

 Yes. The Utah Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands compiled a world-class legal team of renowned constitutional scholars and litigators to examine the legal theories surrounding the transfer of public lands to the states. They determined that based on the constitutional cornerstones of the Equal Sovereignty Principle, Compact Theory and Equal Footing Doctrine, “legitimate legal basis exist to attempt to gain ownership or control over Utah’s public lands.” It was their recommendation that the commission and Legislature urge the governor and attorney general of Utah to “consider instituting litigation against the United States of America under the Original Jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court.” These legal theories and arguments apply not only to Utah’s litigation efforts, but are largely applicable to other western states as well. Resource: http://le.utah.gov/interim/2015/pdf/00005590.pdf

23. Thank you for listening to the people of Utah and San Juan County!

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Governor Gary Herbert with Greg Hughes and Wayne Niederhauser at Utah State Capitol.

I join with the Utah Legislature in urging the new Administration to rescind the national monument at #BearsEars. These lands deserve our protection, but a unilateral monument designation is not the way to do it. #HCR11 #utpol bit.ly/2kbmZJM

22. Watch LIVE: Speaker Hughes presents his resolution asking President Trump to repeal the Bears Ears Monument designation. #BearsEars

21. “The truth is, what can be done through unilateral executive action can also be undone the same way. Such is the impermanence of executive power in our constitutional republic, where major policy changes require broad consensus, forged through legislative compromise, to endure the test of time.”United States Senator Mike Lee #TrumpThisMonument #BearsEars

20. BREAKING NEWS: President Obama unilaterally designated Bears EarsNational Monument in Utah today. Local Utahns oppose a monument designation, but they were ignored. It is time to amend the Antiquities Act and prevent this type of destruction in other rural communities.

19. A wealthy man’s playground should never come at the expense of a working man’s home. #BearsEars

18. Utahns say #NoMidnightMonument! Bears Ears is about more than just land; it is about people — and about preserving the ideals on which our nation was built.

The good intentions of the Antiquities Act have been abused and exploited to promote self-interest and engage in political gamesmanship. Help us share this #NoMonument message!

17. Unilateral decisions are un-American. Declaring a Bears Ears national monument would “short-circuit an ongoing healthy debate, further sow distrust in government among the American public and push us another step closer to an imperial presidency.” Read more.

16. According to several sources, President Obama is planning on designating the Bears Ears national monument NEXT WEEK – a week when national attention will be focused elsewhere. We ask Obama to listen to the locals and not give into the radical environmentalist agenda! #NoMidnightMonument

15. Susie is a resident of San Juan County, Utah, and a member of the Navajo Nation. Watch this video and learn why Susie opposes a national monument designation in Utah.

14. The radical environmentalists are ramping up their pro-monument lobbying. President Obama is leaving office and they want a #BearsEars monument before he leaves. We say LISTEN TO THE LOCALS. Help us share this message! #NoMonument

13. This small-town farmer understands hard work and the danger that a Bears Ears national monument would pose to the land. Share his story and help save Bears Ears!

12. The local San Juan County Navajos oppose a national monument designation for #BearsEars! This should come as no surprise since the neighboring county has suffered economic disaster and seen broken promises of protection for the land.

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11. Watch our latest video and learn why a Bears Ears national monument would be especially devastating to the schoolchildren in San Juan County. Help us share this message!

10. Susie Philemon broke into tears as she recalled how many times the federal government had made promises to Native Americans that never came true. She said the same would happen with a monument. “Please don’t break more promises. Not again,” she said.

9. FreedomWorks sat down with Danielle Shirley to talk about the possibility of a Bears Ears national monument. Listen to what this local has to say.

8. Hardworking Americans deserve to have their voices heard AND respected. These local San Juan County residents have banded together and made their voices heard. Now the question is: Will the Obama administration respect the locals enough to refrain from imposing a national monument? #BearsEars

7. We pulled together the top 5 shenanigans by environmentalists in the Bears Ears debate. Check it out!

6. The opposition surrounding #BearsEars is about protecting the rural people – their livelihoods and home. Grazing at Grand Staircase-Escalante has decreased by 31% since the monument designation. Help us tell the locals’ side of the story!

5. Locals are opposed to a national monument. Will you help amplify their voice? Check out Garry’s story.

4. NEW poll from Utah Policy shows that Utahns STILL oppose a Bears Earsdesignation. Are you surprised? We aren’t either. Help us share this truthful and accurate representation of Utah voices! Read On!

3. Last week, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a new Pew Charitable Trusts poll shows a slight majority of Utahns supports President Barack Obama in unilaterally designating the Bears Ears region as a national monument. The wording of the poll, however, is questionable. Read on!

2. Investigative journalism conducted by Deseret News confirmed reports of behind-the-scenes, coordinated efforts between environmental groups, out-of-state tribal leaders, and big money from California to bring about a 1.9 million acre Bears Ears National Monument. Stand with the locals: http://buff.ly/2aAchoK #BearsEars

1. The new #BearsEars petition still needs 86,113 signatures by August 14th to get a response from the White House. Help the locals: http://buff.ly/2aAchoK